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Principal’s Welcome

As an alumni of St. Bernard School, a merger school that created Holy Trinity School, I’m honored to serve as the principal.

Holy Trinity School is rich in tradition, focused on a family-oriented atmosphere and on making a private Catholic education possible for every family. I invite you to visit our school or set up a personal meeting with me to talk about joining our school.

You may connect with me by emailing

Mrs. Katie Jacobs, Principal

Meet the Faculty and Staff

Msgr. William Cleves

Msgr. William Cleves

Holy Spirit Parish

Fr. Martin Pitstick

Fr. Martin Pitstick

Divine Mercy and St. Bernard Parishes

Section Title

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Mrs. Robin Adams


Ms. Madeline Brown

1st Grade

Ms. Melissa Smith

2nd Grade

Ms. Savannah O'Brien

3rd Grade

Mrs. Julie Cooley

4th Grade

Ms. Brittiany Pait

5th Grade

Mrs. Sarah Stevie

Junior High

Mrs. ClyDenna Hehman

Junior High

Ms. Christina Rice

Junior High and Intervention

Ms. Mirianna Sternhagen

Junior High, Spanish and Choir

Mrs. Susan Bier

STREAM and Intervention

Ms. Allison Voisard


Mrs. Judy Reynolds


Mrs. Kate Morgan

Preschool Director

Mrs. Katie Ulrich

Teacher Aide