July 30, 2015

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Holy Trinity School is a Roman Catholic School
in the Diocese of Covington.  We are also a member of the Diocese's Alliance for Catholic Urban Education (ACUE). We work mainly with students from Dayton, Bellevue and Newport, serving the parishes of Divine Mercy, Holy Spirit, and St. Bernard, but we also welcome students of diverse backgrounds. [Read More...]

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Buckhead Mountain Grill

SAVE THE DATE: Buckhead Eat Out Fundraiser on May 20, 2015

Please support our monthly Buckhead eat out fundraiser. They are scheduled for every third Wednesday of every month starting in August and ending in May 2015. (Exception: 2/17/15 because of Ash … [Read More...]

Buckhead Mountain Grill

SAVE THE DATE: Buckhead Eat Out Fundraiser on April 15, 2015

Thank you to everyone who went to Buckhead Mountain Grill in March. We have received a check for $207.67 for that month. Please remember that the next Buckhead night is Wednesday, April 15th. … [Read More...]


Go To Steep Canyon Rangers’ Concert On April 11 and $10 Will Be Donated to Holy Trinity’s Tuition Assistance Program!

$5 from each ticket to the following GCPAS events can be donated to the Catholic elementary school tuition assistance program of your choice. The $5 donation will be matched by the ESAP Organization … [Read More...]

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The 3rd Grade Boys Won the 2015 St. Peter and Paul Basketball Tournament For Their Division!

The 3rd Grade Holy Trinity Basketball Team with Their Championship T-shirts.... About The Holy Trinity Athletic Club Connect With Us On… What the Athletic Club Does For Holy Trinity School The … [Read More...]