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What the Athletic Club Does For Holy Trinity School

The Holy Trinity Athletic Club is a very dedicated group of parents who sacrifice a great deal of their time to make the various fundraisers happen. Money from these fundraisers pays league fees associated with the sports programs sponsored by the club including basketball, softball, volleyball, & soccer. It also pays for uniforms and equipment (including playground equipment) and provides numerous scholarships to graduating 8th graders.

Holy Trinity athletic programs currently consist of the following sports…

  • Fall Girl’s Volleyball – 7th & 8th
  • Fall Girl’s & Boy’s Soccer – K thru 8th
  • Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball – K thru 8th
  • Spring Girl’s Volleyball – 5th & 6th
  • Spring Girl’s & Boy’s Soccer – K thru 8th
  • Summer Girl’s Softball – Ages 11 – 14
  • Summer Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball Leagues

Volunteers Needed

The success of our school and the athletic cub is completely dependent upon parents volunteering. Volunteering promotes attitudes of Christian service and shows our children that we really care. Without the funding from the athletic club many of the athletic activities that our children participate in would not be possible and/or the costs would be prohibitive to allowing all of our students to participate.

For More Information on the Athletic Club contact Allen Hundemer at 859-757-6116

Parents' Club


The Holy Trinity Parents’ Club is organized for the purpose of enhancing the education of children at Holy Trinity School by building and nurturing a community of supporters, including families, teachers, and school administrators.

Committed To Fundraising For The Benefit Of The School

Last year, through the volunteer efforts of many parents, students, and teachers, the Parents’ Club raised over $9,000.

The money was used to pay for the following:

  • New Chrome Box Computers for the Elementary Computer Lab
  • Field trips – Taft Theater, Sun Rock Farm, Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium, Camp Campbell Guard, Schneider’s Sweet Shop, music concerts, and more!
  • Classroom supply money for teachers and administrators.
  • Supplies for receptions following sacraments.
  • Dances and parties, and more!

For More Information on the Parents' Club contact Levi Daly at 859-445-3927