January 23, 2018


Virtus Training

All voluteers must be trained and current with Virtus requirements.

According to diocesan guidelines, several things are required if you wish to participate in activities at which children are present.

  1. Submit an application form to the school office and be cleared through a background check.
  2. Schedule a meeting with the principal, coach or other leader and receive the diocesan policies and procedures manual
  3. Register online at www.virtus.org.
    1. Click on “Registration” on the left.
    2. Click on “Begin the registration process.”
    3. Select “Covington, KY (diocese)” from the drop-down list.
    4. Create a user name and password.
    5. Continue as prompted.
  4. Sign up for and attend a class.
  5. Read the bulletins and modules. Reminders are usually sent by email.


Holy Trinity Needs Volunteers

Listed below are some ways to volunteer…

Health Aide – Nurses, beauticians, or willing parents to help check students for lice.  (Usually the beginning of the year and anytime after holidays)  Also, help check students at the Junior High for Scoliosis one time, only.

Office Help – Someone willing to sit in the office and answer the phone- take care of sick children or make copies as needed.

Room Parent / Assistant Room Parent – Someone willing to work closely with your child’s teacher to organize or help provide treats for special occasions.

Tutor – Anyone interested in helping individual students during the day, working closely with the teacher on the subject they need help in.

Special Interest Classes – Parents who are willing to share their hobbies/talent/interest or careers.

Gardener – Someone willing to take charge of the landscaped areas, especially at the junior high.

Marquee Help – Someone willing to keep the marquee at the junior high updated.

Other Talents – If you are willing to share your talents or resources with us, please feel free to us know.