January 23, 2018


Program Overview

The “FirstVantage/Pathways” program:  For a $25 per year premium payment, parents may purchase a $10,000 FirstVantage term life insurance policy for a child. The child then becomes part of the Pathways Program and a Catholic Order of Foresters youth member. In addition, Holy Trinity School receives a one-time $25 donation when parents purchase a FirstVantage policy for a child.Holy Trinity receives a $25 “rebate” per child for the first year.  Fill out this form to join.  We  also receive $4 for each sponsored activity that a member attends up to 2 per month (That’s up to $96 per member per year).  This money provides materials and snacks for the activities.  Any extra funds are kept in an account to be used at the Catholic Order of Foresters youth director’s discretion.

Membership Benefits include being eligible to (subject to terms and conditions)

  • Attend all Catholic Order of Foresters youth activities
  • Apply for tuition awards and scholarships
  • Run for local court officer position (adults only)
  • Participate in local court discussions to determine how to use funds generated by Catholic Order of Foresters -sponsored activities.

Benefits to Child

  • Your child will be eligible to apply for a $250 tuition award (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Your child may attend monthly events sponsored by Catholic Order of Foresters.

Benefits to Holy Trinity

  • Holy Trinity will receive $25 for each child who becomes a member

How to Join

  1. Fill out this form
  2. Send the paper and money to school

If you have any questions call Kim Lawler at (859) 491-8770