January 23, 2018

Catholic Order of Foresters

The Catholic Order of Foresters (COF) Catholic Order of Foresters is a trusted, century-old Catholic fraternal life insurance society dedicated to providing members with financial security and opportunities for spiritual, social, and charitable growth.

Main Contributions

Our Goal

To have every eligible family at Holy Trinity enroll its members in COFThere are two ways for this to happen.

The “FirstVantage/Pathways” program:  For a $25 per year premium payment, parents may purchase a $10,000 FirstVantage term life insurance policy for a child. The child then becomes part of the Pathways Program and a Catholic Order of Foresters youth member. In addition, Holy Trinity School receives a one-time $25 donation when parents purchase a FirstVantage policy for a child.Holy Trinity receives a $25 “rebate” per child for the first year.  Fill out this form to join.  We  also receive $4 for each sponsored activity that a member attends up to 2 per month (That’s up to $96 per member per year).  This money provides materials and snacks for the activities.  Any extra funds are kept in an account to be used at the Catholic Order of Foresters youth director’s discretion. 

Benefits of membership include being eligible for

  • All of the youth activities held for elementary students.
  • Applying for tuition grants for Holy Trinity, NCC and college.
  • Becoming an officer with the local court. Working with the local court to help determine how the funds that our activities generate are spent.

Past Events

  • Birthday Party
  • Bowling Tournament
  • Card Party
  • Halloween Party
  • Movie Night
  • Pool Party at Veteran’s Memorial Pool
  • Pool Party at Coney Island
  • Skating Party