January 23, 2018

Sports Registration/Fee Information

The Holy Trinity Athletic Club’s major source of funding is working Bengals games. We are allowed up to 40 volunteers with the potential to earn approximately $1,600 for each game. The number of workers has been declining over the years causing an extreme loss of proceeds to the Athletic Club. The remaining workers make up a very small percentage of the families enrolled at Holy Trinity School and several families have both parents working these games. We have also had to extend this opportunity to other organizations to help us have the required number of workers for each game, thus resulting in an additional loss of funds.

Other schools in the area have had a sports fee in place for several years with some schools charging for each sport, not just a yearly fee. Unfortunately, due to the loss of proceeds from the Bengals fund raiser, the Athletic Club is continuing the sports fee per family for participation in Holy Trinity athletics each school year.

The 2014-2015 fees are as follows…

  • One child – $100 or two (2) or more Bengals games worked during the 2013 season.
  • Two or more children – $150 or three (3) or more Bengals games worked during the 2013 season.

Holy Trinity athletic programs currently consist of the following sports…

  • Fall Girl’s Volleyball – 7th & 8th
  • Fall Girl’s & Boy’s Soccer – K thru 8th
  • Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball – K thru 8th
  • Spring Girl’s Volleyball – 5th & 6th
  • Spring Girl’s & Boy’s Soccer – K thru 8th
  • Summer Girl’s Softball – Ages 11 – 14
  • Summer Girl’s & Boy’s Basketball Leagues

We understand that you may currently pay fees for some of these sports, but the Athletic Club pays for all league fees, tournaments, uniforms and sports equipment.

This year we will be replacing and upgrading most of the athletic teams uniforms. This will be a very expensive endeavor, but one that is needed.

Please contact any of the Athletic Club officers if you have any questions…

  • President – Rick Vickers (859) 912-1204
  • Vice President – Chuck Meyers (859) 801-8319
  • Secretary – Dan Tucker (859) 578-8028
  • Treasurer – Bart Bleser (859) 802-2314
  • Athletic Director – Bo Harris (859) 916-0632

Important Forms

Sports Registration Form